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BE | March 2023 | Issue No. 2

Thank you to the Labour Movement - that means you - union members across the Toronto & York Region that make up the powerful body fighting for a just and equitable society. As Labour's charity of choice, we had a goal to help United Way Greater Toronto reach their 2022 campaign goal of $110M in supporting the very communities union members access, live and work in and we're happy to share they're on pace to reaching their goal. 

Toronto & York Region Labour Council was a founding member of United Way Greater Toronto in 1956. We all share a vision and drive that doesn't shy away from tackling what may seem impossible challenges. Our work together led to a formal partnership and the creation of Labour Community Services (LCS) in 1982. That legacy continues on through the work we do today.

As we gear towards preparing for the 2023 campaign season, we look forward to working with you all again. United Way Greater Toronto's work is all year round and needs all of us to ensure our communities continue to thrive.

For any questions about Labour & United Way, please connect with any one of our United Way Labour Liaisons:

Marcia Lopez: [email protected]

Richelle Himaya: [email protected]

Our 2023 United Way Labour Volunteers

Campaign Cabinet 

Jinkie David, Campaign Cabinet Labour Co-Chair, CUPE 4948

Judith Logan Junop, Campaign Cabinet Labour Co-Chair, IFPTE 160

UW Board of Trustees

Andria Babbington, President, Toronto & York Region Labour Council (ex-officio)

Michelle Johnston, President, Society of United Professionals, IFPTE 160

News Release: United Way Greater Toronto on pace to reach $110M campaign goal, makes bold five-year re-investment in community

February 22, 2023 (Toronto, ON) 

Thanks to 2200 volunteers from over 800 workplaces, and 80,000 generous donors, United Way Greater Toronto is on pace to reach its 2022 Community Campaign goal of $110 million.

  • UWGT will successfully reach its 2022 Community Campaign goal of $110 million thanks to 2200 volunteers from over 800 workplaces, and 80,000 generous donors. 
  • Because of this generous community giving, UWGT announced five-year funding commitment of $33 million to 65 Anchor agencies delivering 208 programs across Peel, Toronto and York Region. 
  • In addition, UWGT will continue its investments including through the Community Program Grants and continue to deepen investments in Indigenous, Black and other structurally disadvantaged groups.

Read the full United Way Greater Toronto news release by clicking here.

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