Special Projects

Special Projects

Special Projects is the vehicle through which Labour Community Services acts as a “bridge” between the labour movement (in Toronto and York Region) and the wider community. Special Projects coordinates with labour alliances/coalitions and community groups to address and seek solutions to current and emerging social issues. This collaborative work includes liaising with organizations and projects like Toronto Community Benefits Network and  Labour Education Centre’s TradeLinx program.

Who we work with:

  • Good Jobs for All Coalition
  • Social Planning of York Region
  • Lawrence Heights Inter-Organizational Network (LHION)
  • Toronto Not-for-Profit Network
  • Social Planning Toronto
  • East Scarborough Storefront
  • West Scarborough Community Legal Services
  • and more

Special Projects also provides support to the Equity Committee of the Toronto & York Region Labour Council. It is a portfolio through which campaigns are developed and/or implemented, such as the Refugee Next Door and Yes, It Matters! Addressing Systemic Racism.


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