Refugee Next Door Campaign Presentation Received CALM 2022 Fighting Oppression Award

BE | December 2022 | Issue No. 1


The Canadian Association of Labour Media (CALM) 2022 Fighting Oppression Award was presented to Labour Community Services for the submission of the Refugees in Canada: Facts and Myths presentation. It’s important that we all care about refugees.



Used as an educational tool, the presentation was shown at the 2021 CLC Convention’s virtual booths, and to unions within the Toronto & York Region to fight racism and dispel anti-refugee sentiments. As the number of displaced people around the world continue to rise at an alarming rate, it is imperative that as a movement, we do not lose sight of the most vulnerable, and look beyond barriers that stop us from advocating for people’s basic human rights.

The Refugee Next Door Campaign Committee was first established in 2019 and has since put out several call-to-actions, garnering support within the Labour movement and connecting with organizations such as COSTI to find opportunities on ways to bring light to this crisis, even when it’s no longer at the forefront of the news/media. The Refugee Next Door Committee’s latest action was sending out a letter to Members of Parliament regarding the prioritization of equal treatment of refugees in Canada.

To learn more about the Refugee Next Door campaign and how to become more involved, we’ve put together an RND Toolkit that contains pre-made social media materials that you can use within your own channels. You can also book an LCS team member for a Refugees in Canada: Facts and Myths presentation. Email us at [email protected] for 2023 dates.

Thank you to the Refugee Next Door Committee for their hard work and dedication to this work: Robin Breon, Richelle Himaya, Miguel Lima, Faduma Mohamed, Maureen O'Reilly, David Rapaport, Sharon Simpson, Abdi Hagi Yusuf 

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Refugee Next Door Campaign, Toolkit and Presentation


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