2022 Canadian Association of Labour Media (CALM) Awards

2022 Canadian Association of Labour Media (CALM) Conference
June 9 to 11, Calgary, Alberta

The CALM Conference and Awards is an annual event that provides training and workshops for CALM members and honours excellence in the print, broadcast, online and graphics arts fields for material produced in 2021. Labour Community Services and the Refugee Next Door Committee is proud to share that they received the 2022 Fighting Oppression Award for the work they did on the Refugees in Canada: Facts and Myths (2021) video presentation.

Here's what the judge had to say:

This presentation was delivered during the 2021 Canadian Labour Congress online conference. It outlines the importance of working people standing with refugees and debunks anti-refugee talking points that are used to pit vulnerable groups against each other, which only benefits those in power. It also describes how refugees are created as a result of outside forces meddling in developing countries, highlighting our responsibility to assist them. 

You can watch the awards by clicking the following link and find LCS at the 14:29 mark: https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?ref=watch_permalink&v=1210447666160774

Refugees in Canada: Facts and Myths Presentation (2021)

This presentation focuses on Refugees in Canada and separates facts from myths, building on the Refugee Next Door Campaign launched by Labour Community Services and Toronto & York Region Labour Council. Through highlighting facts, while dispelling myths about refugees and the refugee experience, we hope that everyone will find the presentation a useful tool in understanding and standing up for human rights. 

Click here to watch the video presentation on our Refugee Next Door Campaign page.

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