Yes, It Matters!

Working Together to End Systemic Racism and Create a Just Canada for All

Unions in Canada have a proud history of standing up for justice and dignity. Since our unions were first formed, working people have sought a collective voice in the workplace and in society. We have found many ways to achieve better wages and working conditions and, most importantly, respect for what we do and who we are.

Refugee Next Door

We Are All Canadians

Since the First Nations gave Toronto the name “a gathering place”, this city and region have been the destination of choice for generations of immigrants and refugees who come with their skills and dreams of making a better life for themselves
and their families.

Today, however, we are hearing more stories about threats to our society in the form of immigrants and refugees. As our airwaves fill will these stories aimed at painting them in a negative light, Labour Community Services believes it is important to take a look at refugees coming to Toronto today, and what their arrival means for our unions and communities.