Bromley Armstrong Award

On June 7th, 2019, our organization, in partnership with the United Way Toronto & York Region, and the Toronto & York Region Labour Council chose to honour outstanding individuals in the community.

Bromley Lloyd Armstrong was a Jamaican Canadian, a member of the Autoworkers Union who helped lead the Toronto Joint Committee on Human Rights in the 1950s. This award is presented to a labour activist who has demonstrated excellence in equity and human rights.

The Toronto & York Region Labour Council established this prestigious award in 2004 to commemorate courage, dedication and outstanding service of Bromley L. Armstrong to the labour and human rights movements in Canada. Every year, the Equity Committee of the Toronto & York Region Labour Council presents prestigious award to a deserving recipient that exemplifies Bromley’s commitment to human rights.

Support the Bromley L. Armstrong Award Dinner and Fundraiser for Labour Community Services – Toronto

Toronto & York Region Labour Council has committed itself to an equity agenda, as outlined in its policy paper entitled “ORGANIZING FOR STRENGTH IN TORONTO’S DIVERSE COMMUNITIES”. The Equity Committee of the Toronto & York Region Labour Council is committed to building on the strengths of all equity-seeking groups affiliated with the Labour Council.

Our commitment to equity is demonstrated through

  • Diverse Worker’s Networks
  • Equity-based training
  • Rapid response team to reject all forms of hate
  • Muslim worker’s network: to challenge Islamophobia at the workplace and in our communities
  • Anti-racism campaign and much more
    For more information on the Equity committee, please contact Sharon Simpson – [email protected]

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