We Welcomed Andria Babbington as the Newly Elected President of Toronto & York Region Labour Council

BE | December 2022 | Issue No. 1 


In 2021, Toronto & York Region Labour Council marked its 150th anniversary, and what better way to celebrate the occasion than with the election of Andria Babbington, the first woman of colour to sit as President. She's making history and it's just the beginning.

Andria isn't new to making waves in the Labour movement. At 19, she became one of the youngest chief stewards in her union’s history. As a union organizer for many years, Andria played a pivotal role in campaigns like Hotel Workers Rising, which raised the living standard for thousands of hospitality workers across North America. Before coming in as President of the Labour Council, Andria had served 8 years as Vice President. 

Since the establishment of Labour Community Services in 1982 by the partnership between Toronto & York Region Labour Council and United Way, the president of Toronto & York Region Labour Council has sat on the LCS and United Way Boards. Formerly held by John Cartwright, Andria has since taken on those positions. 

For the past year, Andria has continued to help drive Labour Community Services in playing a pivotal role in fighting racism and advocating for social justice. With the initiation of the Yes, It Matters! and Refugee Next Door campaigns by John Cartwright, Andria has continued to help drive advocacy through her participation in LCS' events. Her frontline experience and passion for seeking justice has always come through in her remarks and has inspired many to see the importance of the work we do as a movement.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank both Andria Babbington and John Cartwright for their constant and foundational support of Labour Community Services and look forward to working with the Labour Council in the New Year.

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