Our Shared Victories

$15 & Fairness

We congratulate the Ontario government on the steps it has taken today toward updating Ontario’s outdated labour and employment laws, and on their plan to increase minimum wage across the province because of the hard work of activists like yourselves.

Maternity Benefits

Before 1971, a new mother had to quit work or return to work quickly if her family depended on her income. Today, with 35 weeks of maternal / paternal leave, we advocate for better access to quality and affordable child care for all workers.

Community Benefits

Thanks to our community allies, 10% of certain industry developments must be employed by community locals. This means provincial strength and $130B investment for projects across Ontario over the next 10 years.

Workplace Safety

Unions fought hard to give Canadians three important areas of power: the right to refuse unsafe work, the right to know about hazards in the workplace and the right to participate in health and safety discussions.

Youth Power

As one of the United Way Peel Region’s initiatives, people ages 14 – 24 have been able to address a range of societal issues through creative means. Additionally, over 70,000 children and youth were placed on a path to succeed in school and life.

40 Hour Week

The 40 hour work week or less, instead of 60 or more, is because railroad unions went on strike for a shorter work week with the same pay in the 1950s. Thanks to their efforts, work and life balance is on the horizon.

Our Partners