United Way Toronto & York Region

The historic partnership between Toronto and York Region Labour Council and United Way Toronto and York Region has allowed us at Labour Community Services to amplify our positive influence. The collaboration that the partnership allows enables us to strengthen the Greater Toronto Area from the group up.



The United Way Toronto and York Region was established in 1956 as at a meeting of the Toronto and York Region Labour Council, calling for the establishment of a United Fund Corporation. Workers, who had been regularly petitioned to make financial contributions to various welfare agencies, had expressed their desire for an easier way of making regular contributions. As a result, payroll deductions were established, and a Board of Trustees was elected to direct the fund.

United Way Fundraising Announcement

Through its work with United Way, with Labour Community Services, and with other community organizations, the Labour Council plays an active role in ensuring that equity and diversity are key considerations in all social justice action.

You can read more about the history of our organization here.

Local members of numerous unions in Toronto actively supported United Way Toronto & York Region through their partnership on workplace campaigns at unionized workplaces across our communities in 2015. We are proud to recognize their tremendous contributions.

View our full 2015 union honour roll — without you, there would be no way.