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Toronto Community Benefits Network

Labour Community Services has continued to work with the Labour Community Education Centre to advance community benefits as a means of deriving economic benefits for residents in local communities where infrastructure spending occurs. In 2015, we saw the government’s inclusion of community benefits principles in Bill 6 (an Act to enact the Infrastructure for Jobs and Prosperity Act, 2015) as a positive step.

While Bill 6 signals progress, there is still much more work to be done in this area. We will continue to strive for more inclusive local economies by leveraging the capacity of unions, communities and funding partners. In the Jane and Finch community, we embarked on work with the Community Action Partnership Group in drafting a letter that will be sent to Metrolinx regarding the Finch Light Rail Transit (LRT) Maintenance and Storage Facility.

Lifeline Foundation Toronto
Lifeline Foundation
Lifeline provides confidential information, referral, and support services to union members and their families. Its purpose is to assist workers and their families to deal with difficult issues in their personal and working lives.

Lifeline was established in 1974. The Foundation is a set up as a charitable, non-profit organization accountable to the Canada Revenue Agency. It is governed by a voluntary board of directors composed of both USW members and participating employer representatives.

Labour Community Services has hosted and supported the work of the Lifeline Foundation since 2005. In 2015, the program was expanded to include members from the Security Guard sector, the University of Toronto, and several private sector employers in Eastern Ontario.

Lifeline provides information, referral, and support services for members of the Union including family members who are troubled by personal or workplace issues. It is a widely used and very successful program.

Workplace training is also offered. Last year the most popular seminar addressed the issue of workplace harassment and workplace violence. Also in demand was a seminar that deals with the issue of substance use and the workplace.

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